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Mission Street has bought the whole site. The redevelopment aims to create an asset for the village, including connectivity improvements that extend beyond the site boundary with expansion of cycle and pedestrian routes, as well as upgrades to the setting of the war memorial. For more details on the proposals, please refer to the ‘Our proposals’ page of this website.

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We are applying for planning permission to redevelop the Burlington Press site. This includes permission to renovate and upgrade the existing heritage buildings, to remove the 1970s warehouse extensions and to replace them with a new two-storey research and development facility. It would also cover our planned upgrades to the landscape of the site, the expansion of the pavement on Station Road, and the improvements to the setting of the war memorial at the corner of the site. For more details on the proposals, please refer to the ‘Our proposals’ page of this website.

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Our target is to submit the planning application this summer after the feedback from the public consultation has been received and reviewed.

The new development aims to attract innovative tenants from across the life sciences lifecycle – from discovery to research and manufacturing. Mission Street is an experienced and specialist developer of life science facilities and creator of high-quality jobs.

In addition to extensive landscaping improvements and upgrades to the setting of the village war memorial, the site’s new central café will also be publicly accessible.

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Sustainability is a key priority for the redevelopment. Our full plans are outlined in the Sustainability section of this website.

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We will work to keep any impact of construction vehicles to a minimum throughout the development process. When complete, in step with the Neighbourhood Plan, the nature of the employment use at the site will limit any need for heavy goods vehicles to use it as they once did. The pavement and access on Station Road will also be expanded to better connect the site to sustainable transport methods to limit the need for road travel to and from the site. This focus on sustainable transport and creation of the cycle hub will help ensure that new employees on the site don’t burden the village’s existing road routes.

All comments and feedback submitted as part of our public consultation will be considered and used to inform the proposals, potentially helping us to refine or adjust things before we finalise the planning application. We will prepare a report – a Statement of Community Engagement (SCE) – which will be submitted as part of the planning application. Your feedback will be used in line with the GDPR regulations.

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